The 2017 UST Global Research Internship Program

As the only graduate university of national research institutes in Korea, UST provides unique education system focusing on a field research that is conducted at 32 government-funded research institutes.

ㅇ Summary

  – 2017 UST Global Research Internship aims to provide talented international students with opportunities to experience unique education system of UST centered on field research by participating in the research project at one of our campuses as an intern.

ㅇ Qualifications : An applicant should satisfy any of the following conditions.
A Korean national residing abroad who has completed elementary, middle, and high school education–or education equivalent to those– abroad.
A foreign national, whose parent and him/herself are all non-Korean nationals who is enrolled in or graduated from the partner universities of UST(Refer to the attachment for the list of the universities).
※ He or she should be proficient in English.
※ He or she should be enrolled in(or taking a leave of absence at) a university or a graduate school when submitting application.

ㅇ Internship Field : Refer to the attachments.
ㅇ Internship Period : The internship period is around 2 months from July to August, 2017.
ㅇ Benefits : Round-trip airline tickets(only for interns from abroad), Accomodation, Stipend, Insurance, Documentation for D-4 Visa(if necessary), etc.

ㅇ Application Period : Application should be submitted before 6:00 p.m. Korean time(GMT+9) on April 19(Wed), 2017.

ㅇ How to Apply : By e-mail(
ㅇ Announcement of Results : The results will be released by 6:00 p.m. Korean time(GMT+9) on May 15(Mon), 2017.

ㅇ Submission & Inquiry
– Administrator : Ji Eun Park
– Department : International Student Affairs Team, UST
– E-mail :
– Telephone : +82‑42‑865‑2413
– Address : (34113) 217, Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
– Homepage :

For further information, please refer to the attachments.

1. [Recruitment] University of Science and Technology Global Research Intern

2. Application form for the UST Global Research Internship 2017

3. Recommendation Letter form for the UST Global Research Internship 2017