Dear Fellow AKCSE Member,2016ckc-3-2

It is my great honour to being the President of AKCSE, an association that has a plenty of professional colleagues, intimate friends and respectful mentors. While it is an opportunity to serve fellow AKCSE members, there are many challenges to maintain the tradition that dedicated predecessors have built. I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts and the business plan over the next two years.


Since its birth in 1986, AKCSE has made great contributions to the success of the economic development in our motherland, Korea as well as to the Korean-Canadian Scientific and Engineering Community. AKCSE has grown to have almost 3,500 members in its 11 Chapters, 15 Young Generation Chapters, 4 Young Professional Chapters, and 3 Professional Societies as of today. The list of major businesses now include Korean-Canadian Science Scholarship Foundation, Canada-Korea Conference, Young Generation Forum, and National Math & Science Competition. The association requires a total annual budget of $300,000 to maintain the businesses and is in a steep growth year after year. I feel obligated to keep or even accelerate the momentum for a much larger and better association in the future.

The Vision and the Missions

I would propose the vision for the 21st administration as the consistent deliver the unique values to members of all ages. To achieve the vision, I would set the missions as (1) to balance the membership across ages; (2) to build and improve the process for consistent delivery of values; and (3) to enhance the communication among the head office, the Board and the members.

The Strategies

Given the vision and the missions, a 2-year term strategy for AKCSE has been discussed among Executive Members, and Ex-Presidents. The discussion has not been completed yet and I will consult with you for more advices and feedbacks. All these would not be attainable without your supports, which can be more specifically listed but not limited to as follows:

1. We will work in team. For example, I would want to see committee as a small group in which members work harmoniously to achieve the goals, which can be not achieved individually.

2. I would want young members to participate in the association’s businesses. I will do my best to foster the Young Generation Professional group.

3. Please try to systematize the business process of your committee. I would want to ensure consistent delivery of services by systemization.

On behalf of all the 21st EC/BC members, we ask for your support. It is simply because our organizational success depends on the active involvement of our members. I believe we can make a difference when we all work together.

Thank you again for your services in the past and future years.

Warm regards,


January 4, 2017